National 3 Lifeskills

Our user-friendly, interactive National 3 Lifeskills program is compatible with the Smartboard providing the template for a structured course covering the following 3 units;


Shape, Space & Measure

Managing Money & Data



Our program comes complete with student success records for exercises, homework and assessments.

National 3 Lifeskills Breakdown...


The assessment standards for Shape, Space & Measure are differentiated into 2 packages with each package differentiated into 3 modules; bronze, silver and gold. The same approach is used for Managing Money & Data.


As Numeracy is a stand alone module, each Assessment Standard is differentiated into 3 modules; bronze, silver and gold.


Each module contains...


5 class exercises viewed on the smartboard. Students work through 10 questions on each learning outcome after exemplifcation. Answers are displayed for pupils to mark their progress at the end. Each exercise has access to an on-screen timer which can be adjusted to really test the pupils! Clicking on the medals at the top of the screen will take you to games on the internet where pupils can practice their skills in a competitive and interactive setting. Clicking on the apple takes you to a video providing an explanation, song or even rap on the skill in question.


5 worksheets to print with answers available on-screen to facilitate pupil marking.


5 printable assessments with on-screen marking schemes.


A Lifeskills Section containing "exam type" questions to prepare students for the unit assessments.


A printable certificate to be given to the pupil once they have passed the chosen module.


For further information please contact

Here is a quick video demonstration of our National 3 Lifeskills software...

Sample Worksheet
Please download Managing Money & Data Outcome 1 Bronze Level Worksheet 1 for your inspection.
Adobe Acrobat document [116.7 KB]
Sample Assessment
Please download Managing Money & Data Outcome 1 Bronze Level Assessment 1 for your inspection.
Adobe Acrobat document [111.5 KB]
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